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How to Organize Your Yard Sale Items so They Sell Fast!

So you finally figured out how to get customers to your yard sale! The second biggest challenge to having a successful yard sale is getting people to buy! Knowing how to organize your yard sale is vital to getting your items sold.


There's Profit in Organizing Your Yard Sale Items

There can be many reasons for failing to get customers to buy, and one reason is failing to organize your items so they can be seen.

There's nothing worse than visiting a yard sale that looks like somebody dumped a load of boxes from the back of a truck. If items are not easily visible it will discourage customers from buying.

It's no different than your local department store. If the merchandise is in boxes or disorganized piles; customers don't bother to browse. If you're items aren't visible and organized you won't make the sale!

It's important to put similar items in the same location. Often a customer will purchase several items that are similar and if they're not in one place, you lose the sale! You can't sell something that cannot be seen!

For example; you may have a box labeled "books," but that doesn't automatically encourage customers to browse. What if your customer loves classic cars and you so happen to have a book on classic cars. If he's generally not a book enthusiast, he wouldn't normally look at a box of books. However, if the books were displayed on a shelf he is more likely to see it!

A customer who can't see doesn't buy! A customer that can see, spends money!

Making More Sales with Harder to Sell Items

Another tip on how to organize your yard sale is to make your hard selling items more visible than your easy selling items. Also, you can put your harder to sell items in front of your items which are usually easier to sell.

Don't make the mistake of putting unpopular items in a corner that cannot be seen. Get them all the exposure you can by placing them close to your most popular items.

Give Customer More Information

Another yard sales strategy is to always offer more information when you notice a customer interested in an item. It gives you an opportunity to give the customer more confidence in purchasing. It also gives you a chance to close the sale as you get a chance to talk with the customer.


When I started having successful garage sales I was just wanting to make a few extra dollars ...

... but then it evolved into a regular income. At first it was just an occasional cleaning the house that motivated my yard sales. But after a while having a successful garage sale became a regular thing for me. Now I enjoy sharing my experiences and success for others to benefit as well!

...Mike Howell is a former small-town newspaper sports writer, army officer, and a lifetime student of theology; he enjoys writing on various topics to include theology, garage sales strategies, natural hair loss solutions, healthy lifestyle nutrition topics, motivational speaking, and online small-business marketing.

He is a graduate of Central State University (newspaper journalism), 1981; United States Army Officers Basic (Quartermaster's Corps), 1982; and Fuller Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity), 1994.

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