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How to Write Garage Sale Ads That Attract Customers Even If You Don't Have Anything to Sell!

You can write amazing garage sale ads that attract people  to your neighborhood even if you don't have anything good to sell. However, it's a good idea to deliver what you're advertising!

But the point being made is that advertising is powerful and will bring you customers if you include the following secrets to your garage sale advertising! If you know the power of advertising you can get customers to visit your sale; you just need something to sell.

First of all just don't advertise in any old newspaper. Make sure that the newspaper, or other medium of advertising is going to reach the kind of people that come to yard sales! Also, with the Internet you can profit very easily with garage sale listings that reach your local community.

If you're not sure if the newspaper or other mode of advertising your using is going to reach your customers, don't be afraid to ask! Just "point-blank" ask "is garage sale advertising really going to attract the right people in your newspaper, etc.?" And also ask what the most effective way to use their services. They won't always surrender the information unless you ask and their answer will give you a better sense of whether to advertise with them or not.

Now that you have found a good garage sale advertiser, here are some garage sale ad secrets that will get your customers speeding down your street to purchase the items you are selling.

Giving Good Directions

Of course, the date, address and garage sale location is very important. However, I don't normally like to put my house number on any ads in newspapers, online, etc. instead, put in your ad that the sale is that the nearest cross street and tell your ad readers to follow the signs at the cross street location so they can find your sale.

If you're writing an ad for a newspaper you're going to have to pay for it in most cases. In order to always prepare for bad weather includes a second date if the original date gets rain or bad weather. This way you won't waste your money if you have a torrential downpour on the day of your sale!

Also you can help customers to find your location by including any prominent landmarks. If your place is located across the street from a restaurant, or an easy to find or easily recognized location, use that as a reference point.

The Importance of Your Ad Headline

Here is a piece of advice that most garage sale listers don't know. You get more customers and sales with a well-written headline that has bad copy than you would with a lousy written headline with good copy. Why? Because people see the headlines first and that determines whether they bother to even stop and read! Of course it's good to have a good headline and good copy. But the point is, make sure you spend enough time on a headline to your ad that is going to make people curious enough to read further.

Garage Sale Advertising That Attracts Customers That Want What You Have!

Make your headline very descriptive for the yard sale items you are selling. If you have a home with three small children and you have tons of children's clothing, toys, and everything else about children; make sure your headline theme includes something that makes clear to the reader that describes the sale as having lots of children's items. This will ensure that moms will be the type of customers that you attract!

Make sure when you're describing your yard sale items that you get enough detailed information so as to attract the right customers. You can also draw customers to your garage sale by adding incentives like free items related to the main item that you're trying to sell. Or buy one and get one free. Or get $10 worth of items free if you spend more than $35. You can come up with your own incentive that would work very well with your items you are selling.

Last but not least, try to communicate in your ads that your items are of good quality or working order. There's nothing more upsetting to a garage sale hunter going all the way across town and finding out that your garage sale items are all broken, dirty and worthless!


When I started having successful garage sales I was just wanting to make a few extra dollars ...

... but then it evolved into a regular income. At first it was just an occasional cleaning the house that motivated my yard sales. But after a while having a successful garage sale became a regular thing for me. Now I enjoy sharing my experiences and success for others to benefit as well!

...Mike Howell is a former small-town newspaper sports writer, army officer, and a lifetime student of theology; he enjoys writing on various topics to include theology, garage sales strategies, natural hair loss solutions, healthy lifestyle nutrition topics, motivational speaking, and online small-business marketing.

He is a graduate of Central State University (newspaper journalism), 1981; United States Army Officers Basic (Quartermaster's Corps), 1982; and Fuller Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity), 1994.

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