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"How to Make Pricing Labels That Make You Money!”

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Use this 1 Simple Successful Garage Sale Pricing Tip to Boost Your Profit at Your Next Sale!

When you're planning to garage sale in the coming months you can add a new strategy to your pricing labels that can increase your sales significantly. It will also help you to sell your items quickly and you can spend more time relaxing the rest of the day.

There are different ways to make your labels for your items.  Hopefully you are duplicating your garage sale pricing guide with a template or computer printout system so you're not spending hours labeling.

When you make your master copy of your labels, include all the major items you are selling and also include many of the other item categories you are selling and describe them directly on the label.

How is this going to increase your sales?

First of all, garage sale customers don't always have the time to view your entire inventory. Or they just don't see all your items as they are browsing.

But if you include your major items on the label, when they pick up an item they will also see a brief list of other major items you are selling. This is simple advertising exposure that will make sure your customers are aware of everything you are selling.

Secondly,  customers will be aware of almost everything you have available when you include some of your other item categories on your labels,. Even if they do not do a good job of browsing they will know everything you are selling.

Most shoppers are compulsive buyers, and because you make them more aware of the items you have for sale, your sales will increase significantly and you'll move your items much faster. This is a garage sale pricing tip that is sure to help you sell everything faster!

Also when considering your prices, make sure you let the customers know if your items are in excellent, good or fair condition. It's only right to let your customers know the condition of the items there considering to buy.

If you are not sure about the condition of an item, or you know it is defective; then label the price with an "AS IS" label. With an AS IS label the customer knows their purchasing an item that may not be in operating order.

For more garage sale pricing tips see my e-book  "Garage Sale Success Unlimited" to see how I consistently produced a successful garage sale of $175 to $500 per sale.



When I started having successful garage sales I was just wanting to make a few extra dollars ...

... but then it evolved into a regular income. At first it was just an occasional cleaning the house that motivated my yard sales. But after a while having a successful garage sale became a regular thing for me. Now I enjoy sharing my experiences and success for others to benefit as well!

...Mike Howell is a former small-town newspaper sports writer, army officer, and a lifetime student of theology; he enjoys writing on various topics to include theology, garage sales strategies, natural hair loss solutions, healthy lifestyle nutrition topics, motivational speaking, and online small-business marketing.

He is a graduate of Central State University (newspaper journalism), 1981; United States Army Officers Basic (Quartermaster's Corps), 1982; and Fuller Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity), 1994.

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